OUR SOLUTIONS : Systems of currents electric weak / System of Intertelephony/Videophony

These systems of Interphonie / videophony ally various functions practice offering much more safety for your entrances. 

The outside station features a sturdy cover and installs in projection.

The station can also be built with the proper set provided.

The indoor station has a compact form.

It is design with flat screen. The connection is made by means of a conductor cable.

Just press the button to hear the bell ringing at the inner station. 

In addition, the display shows filmed by large integrated angle camera. The camera image is displayed in color When it is dark, infrared light is on for you to recognize the face of the person. 

The electric door system 12 V DC may be connected to the inside station. 

Just press a doorbell to activate the door opener. 

The camera can also be turned on at any time to follow what's going on. 

The power supply comes with the indoor station. 

The power of the external station works via the inner station.



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