Commitment on After Sales Services

(Organisation, quality and duration of After Sales Services)

KLTC will:

  • Perform maintenance and repairs subject of this consultation supplies within the period of maximum response 72 Hours after receiving a fax / mail indicating the nature of the fault.
  • Perform maintenance and repair of supplies subject of this Consultation.
  • Replace defective origin or manufacturing defect parts and support labor to replace these parts.
  • Ensure rapid supply of spare parts.
  • Provide after sales service for a minimum period of five (05) years after the warranty period, via a maintenance and service agreement.                 

Availability of Spare Parts

After the warranty period

KLTC's stock of spare parts, added to that, it consists of a number of approved installers, based in Algeria.     

For more than 75 references, society mobilizes daily KLTC important means to ensure timely management of spare parts. So normal wear parts are generally available to 100%; the other pieces are 80% in case of force majeure.

Control mode / supply: by sea, air and express. The computer tool is put to use in accordance.

Shipping method: quick delivery - Troubleshooting.

KLTC keep sufficient stock to meet the supply of spare parts for wear.

Other spare parts and components will be provided as soon as possible. 

Warranty Period

(18 months)

KLTC certify that the supplies included in this Consultation :

  • Are new, the latest model, robust, reliable and have never been used.
  • Include the latest improvements in materials and design.
  • Are guaranteed for the period of 01 ½ Year and, as of the date of commissioning.

The warranties cover all defects in manufacturing or packaging not detectable by standard tests and further include the replacement of defective parts.

     Are not covered, the normal wear and damage due to incorrect use or handling faults or maintenance.

Quality Control

The quality of the products we provide to our customers is of utmost importance to our society :

  • Our goal is to fully meet the expectations of our customers through the quality of our products and services.
  • Quality control meets the requirements of international standards, it is also based on our knowledge and experience.
  • The check is conducted upstream of supplies (or parts) as a specification meets the customer's expectations.
  • Suppliers, owners and representatives of the major international brands, also contribute to the quality of our products.   



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