We have the pleasure to inform you that our company is specialized in the field of the new technologies applied with an experience of 12 years. For that purpose, we wish to count you among our privileged partners.

Our team consists of engineers of state capable of realizing studies and installations in the technical and media domains.

We allow to communicate you below the detailed list of all our activities in domains aforesaid, it will allow you to choose services according to the needs for your body, is in studies or in realizations:

  1. Installation of the systems of common(current) weak ones(weaknesses): sound system(dubbing), network video, fire detection, security system, networks VDI, regulation, access control, anti-intrusion, …
  2. Arrangement(Development) of lecture halls, amphitheaters(lecture halls) and cinemas: siègerie, sound system(dubbing), video projection, system of conference, simultaneous translation and multimedia control...
  3. Global solutions for security systems, alarms techniques, access control and analog and digital video surveillance.
  4. Arrangements(Developments) and installations of the specific technical equipments, the management and the control, to develop with our partners according to their needs.

Do not hesitate to consult us, you will find with our company the adequate documentation, the necessary technical advice and our whole availability to you help in the choice of the services and equipments you convenants.

 The Manager

 Kheireddine LAREBAA


Tel/Fax : + 33 6 42 05 72 47
E-mail : klarebaa@gmail.com
Head office : 101 Rue de Sèvres,Lot 1665, 75272 Paris Cedex, France